1. Very interesting story, and diabolical if it’s in fact true. Also if Dr. King was being shot, why didn’t the people around him duck down, or run for cover? Does William Pepper know the direction of the shots fired? What was the ultimate reason Dr.King was murdered? Also, is there any truth to the allegations that Dr. King had extramarital affairs?
    He was a catalyst for change and as A timely Carmichael once said, Dr. King was a reformer, good for the image of America. He was for freedom. and justice, equality for all.

  2. 1. These people are pointing in the wrong direction, that’s been confirmed.
    2. Note the lack of urgency from the people on the ground.’
    3. So why are 3 of MLK’s associates showing urgency while pointing?
    4. Is this a staged photograph? And if staged would they really do this standing over a dead body? Does this corroborate with William Pepper’s theory?
    5. All of these associates went on to brighter futures (mayor, presidential candidate, etc)

  3. I have heard the the FBI killed all kinds of people in those days….JFK, RFK, Marilyn Monroe? It is hard to say. There are so many other ways to kill someone in a hospital though. Smothering with a pillow seems weird especially when they could have easily drug him. That is the only part of the story that sounds funny. But very interesting although I am not surprised.

  4. I Believe he was murdered but not by a pillow he was drugged.. That’s what I believe well now I no they all in hells who took part. In this disgraceful. Tradgery.

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