The truth about 9/11 must come out

In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. George Orwell, 1984

By Craig McKee

It has now been nine years since the most elaborate “false flag” operation ever staged. Despite the thousands of lies we’ve been fed since Sept. 11, 2001, the fact becomes clearer with each passing year: 9/11 was an inside job.

But knowing this is not enough. The awareness of the role of unseen forces in the 9/11 attacks must further permeate the public consciousness. People have to begin to understand the implications of this atrocity, and they have to get mad.

It is vital that we continue to ask questions, apply pressure, and generally speak out. We can’t let the momentum ease for a second. The mainstream media is clearly not willing to help. The government certainly won’t. So it’s up to the public and the grassroots truth movement.

No one else will stand up for all the people who lost their lives that day – those who worked in the buildings and the firefighters and rescue workers who died trying to save them. And let’s not forget those who died or got sick from working at Ground Zero.

No one else will stand up for all the people who have died in the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last nine years. And no one else will refuse to accept the continuing removal of so many individual freedoms.

Let 9/11 be the wake-up call that the world needs to realize what’s going on.

Stand up for the truth. Keep fighting. Don’t give up.

I would really like to know what people reading this site think about what I have to say. Let me know if you agree, disagree… And let me know what your thoughts are about 9/11 – what happened, and what we should do about it. All you have to do is click on the headline of any post and go to the bottom where you’ll see a box for comments. You can also click on “comments” at the bottom of the posts as they’re listing on the home page of the site. Either way, I want to know what you think!

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  1. Geezer 1984

    “I would really like to know what people reading this site think about what I have to say.”

    Ho-kay; though your posting is now more than six years old, I’ll assume it’s still valid. First, as a site “Newbie,” I probably should make my own (relevant) biases/predilections clear. I’ve been a supporter and financial contributor to Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth for a number of years, having come to them from the late (much lamented and too-little honored) Mike Ruppert’s “From the Wilderness” (now archived). Roughly seven years ago, A&E911T generated and circulated a petition to the U.S. House and Senate

    which I signed as a “non-professional,” i.e. non-architect, non-engineer. A&E asked us to provide a bit of personal info, and I responded in part as follows:

    Statement about 9/11 Building “Collapses”:

    “Collapse” of WTC-7 is prima facie controlled demolition. I have seen no alternative explanation, including that of NIST, that is even remotely plausible, given the visual evidence. NIST’s continuing refusal even to examine the possibility of the obvious casts the gravest doubt upon the integrity of that institution, (or at least its management) and certainly upon the scientific probity of the NIST study participants.

    As to WTC 1 & 2, my military experience, coupled with some modest hands-on experience with high explosives, has given me a sense of how things behave when “energetically disassembled.”

    I find that the use of high-energy thermitic materials as suggested by Harrit, Jones et al., possibly accompanied by use of more conventional substances such as RDX, C-4, etc. provides a far more persuasive explanation of the observations, including molten iron/steel, powdered concrete etc. etc., than any plausible gravitational-collapse scenario. (Total-energy requirements alone eliminate gravity as more than a secondary input to the buildings’ destruction).

    What you would like us to know about you:

    I’ve been examining evidence related to the 911 atrocity since early 2002, having initially encountered alternative views of the event on the “Cop v CIA”/”From the Wilderness” site (now archived). As I observed the increasingly pervasive and vicious attacks upon bona fide investigators, I became more and more convinced that they were really onto something – (when you’ve got this much ink in the water, you can be damn sure there’s a big squid out there somewhere).

    I am firmly of the opinion that A&E911T is basically on the right track, although I have zero confidence that ANY congressional inquiry or “Blue-Ribbon Panel”, even if such were ever convened, could produce anything but another attempted whitewash/cover-up. Thanks to the unanswered anthrax attacks, the remaining well-intentioned members of Congress are simply too frightened to be expected to respond appropriately. The people ultimately responsible for the outrages of 9/11, et seq., are too high up and too powerful to be exposed, indicted, brought to trial and convicted using this approach. Nevertheless, I agree that it should be tried; hence, my own addition to this petition.

    Personally, I am working “under the radar” to expand awareness of people I know – drawing their attention to the work of A&E911T, D.R. Griffin, S. Jones and others of equal repute. My hope is that, at the “grassroots” level, we will eventually reach “critical mass”, at which point a meaningful way forward will become clear. Meanwhile, now that your organization has “taken the gloves off”, so to speak, I will be expanding that work, but “offline.” At age 73, I have no interest in countering “flame mail”, dodging disinfo flak or fending off discrediting ad hominems – I’ve got better things to do with my life.

    On the other hand, I remember the oath of fealty I took over 50 years ago – you know, the one about defending the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And I’m under no illusion about the nature of the insidious attack now under way.

    I wish you all the best, and I freely own my admiration and respect for those of you who are “walking point” in this great effort. For the sake of ourselves and our posterity, may we triumph.

    With that (admittedly prolix) self-introduction, a couple of comments on Mr. McKee’s post here:

    “…awareness of the role of unseen forces in the 9/11 attacks must further permeate the public consciousness. People have to begin to understand the implications of this atrocity, and they have to get mad.”

    Unfortunately, as psychologist Fran Shure has observed in a thoughtful series beginning here:

    there are some truly formidable obstacles to the permeation of the public consciousness, even without the determined resistance of professionally-trained disinfo specialists, abetted by the Cass Sunsteins active even in a “Democratic” administration. (I gather from — see comments thread — that Mr. S. is well known here already). The consequences of taking the “Red Pill” are well, if somewhat melodramatically, expressed in the first of the “Matrix” films and there are plenty of personas that (who?) are simply too flimsy to withstand the undermining, or even complete shattering, of their belief/value structures, followed by the hard slog of reconstruction on a new basis.

    To be fair here, I should note that my own “reorientation” began back in 1956 with the U.S.’s betrayal of the Hungarian revolution — but I digress.

    “People … have to get mad.” Well, yes, anger is energy and we need abundant psychological energy to keep us moving through all this sludge.

    But if all we get is mad, all we get is Trump.

    I’ve been pleased, therefore, to see a good deal of the methodical, cool, focused fury on this site that alone can have a hope of prevailing in the long run.

    I hope, Mr. McKee, eventually to complete a full review of your and your colleagues’ work here. I deeply appreciate what I’ve seen so far. Keep up the good work!

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